Speed and cash demo game

The demo version of the Speed and Cash game is in full compliance with the original Speed n Cash slot, with only one nuance: in the demo version, you can bet with an unlimited balance. The slot's interface, design and controls completely repeat the main version of the game. The demo mode will allow players to explore the functionality and gain experience in betting before real races.

Functionality, Speed n Cash rules exactly copy the official version of the slot. Before the start of the race, select the car you want to bet on and enter the amount of money to bet on. During the arrival process, the car may be delayed, or it may leave - if your intuition does not let you down and you have time to withdraw the playing bet, you will be able to pick up the multiplied bet.

If you are late and the car you bet on is delayed, you will lose and lose points. In the demo version of the game, this is not scary - your balance is infinite and virtual, it will automatically be restored as you lose.

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Speed and Cash demo account

Getting access to the demo version of Speed and Cash is easy - you need to register on the site. To do this, fill in the required fields in the registration form by clicking on the "registration" button on the main page of the casino website. Once you pass the simple registration step, you will have access to a demo account in the Speed n Cash slot. You can quickly understand the interface of the slot, and the demo version will help you to study the functionality of the slot in detail.

Speed and Cash demo account 1win

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You can open the slot from any compatible device. Enter the amount of the bet, you can bet on two cars at once, and then, by intuition, withdraw the bet at the desired moment and win the jackpot.

Test your intuition and luck, collect the multiplied bet before the cars are out of the race. You can bet in demo mode as many times as you want, the number of attempts is unlimited. When you get comfortable with the interface, move on to the real version of the game.

Play Speed and Cash on 1Win