Speed and Cash

The long-awaited game from the well-known and reliable developers 1WIN. This crash slot will appeal to both beginners and experienced gamblers. Playing Speed and Cash, you can multiply your bet many times in just a couple of seconds! Just stop the car in time and collect your winnings!

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speed and cash

Speed and Cash 1WIN

Speed and Cash is a new gambling slot from the eminent bookmaker 1win. This slot deserves the attention of fans of gambling slots with excellent soundtrack, comfortable atmosphere. This is a slot designed specifically for racing fans: the unique racing style of the gaming slot, the soundtrack, as well as the bright design and graphics will not leave the gambler indifferent.

Two racing cars compete on the race track, each of the cars claims first place in the race and a prize. Each race session, the cars are gaining momentum and going faster, in parallel, your multiplier is growing every second. All that is required of you is to have time to stop the race and collect the increased bet.

New players in this slot can get a generous bonus by entering a personal promo code in order to have an advantage at the beginning of the game and be able to start with a bonus. You can find a promo code on this site.

Play Speed and Cash on 1Win

Speed and Cash registration and game start

To start races in Speed and Cash, you should determine which provider's website you will be playing on. It is recommended to choose providers that are time-tested and experienced by other players, as well as licensed to operate in the field of gambling. Options, controls and other parameters do not differ between different providers - just choose where you are more comfortable. We recommend 1win.

This game slot is available for adult users. On the main page of the provider's website, you need to go through verification, register (create a login and password), fill in the required free fields and click on the confirmation button. You can create your own custom nickname for recognition.

After registration, you will have access to your personal account. To start the game, log in to the system, enter the name of the game in the site search or find it in the main menu. The game slot is available for all devices with Internet access. You do not need to download the application - you can play in the browser.

Speed and cash

Interface Speed and Cash

There is a desire to escape from problems and have a good evening, while earning money - Speed and Cash is a solution that will help you.

The functionality of the game is simple and accessible for beginners in the field of gambling entertainment. Speed and Cash offers the player freedom of actions and decisions, here you do not need to rely only on luck and successful combinations, as in many other slots. Your decision and intuition can completely decide the outcome of the race!

Easy control and attractive interface of the slot will help you to enjoy and win.

The in-game chat will allow you to communicate with other players, discussing bets, emotions from winnings. Whether you win the jackpot or not depends only on your intuition and dexterity!

Play Speed and Cash on 1Win

speed cash 1win

Rules of the game

Speed and Cash rules will cause problems. The playing field consists of two halves - two racing lanes. There is a blue car on the left lane and an orange car on the right lane. At the bottom of the screen there is a gaming slot panel and 3 control buttons. The first 2 buttons are responsible for betting on a specific car or on two at once, the third button is responsible for choosing a car. Speed and Cash has auto control, a feature that will allow you to automate your gameplay.

Before the start of the race, put money on one of the cars or on two at the same time. Since the cars have different speeds, they have different multipliers, they gradually increase. In general, your task is to bet manually or automatically on cars, wait for the start of the race and catch high odds, taking the bet before the drivers are detained.

You can also bet on the outcome of the race.

Start playing Speed and Cash and make sure that it is not difficult to play, and luck and reaction will help you win!

speed and cash game

Games like Speed n Cash

The sphere of gambling entertainment is developing more and more rapidly every day. Among the many created gambling slots, it becomes harder to find a truly interesting and exciting gaming machine. However, crash games have revolutionized the gambling industry. The newly created format has already managed to win the hearts of even the most fastidious players, and has also gained considerable popularity among the gaming community. They are distinguished by the simplicity of the gameplay, and the lack of the need to learn complex combinations.

Chat allows you to see the bets of other players in real time and communicate with them. This makes the gameplay even more exciting, because you can compete with other users: who will catch the highest odds will increase the feeling of excitement and give more emotions.

If you liked the Speed n Cash slot, you might also be interested in other crash slots: Lucky Jet, RocketX, Aviator - all these slots are available to play from the 1win provider.

Play Speed and Cash on 1Win

How to start playing Speed and Cash

Making your first bet is easy, registration will not take long!


Go to the 1WIN website

Go to the 1WIN website using our link to get a deposit bonus up to 500%


Find the entrance to the game

Receiving bonuses and gifts is guaranteed by a reliable bookmaker 1WIN


Register on the 1WIN bookmaker website

Receiving bonuses and gifts is guaranteed by a reliable bookmaker 1WIN


Make your first deposit and get a bonus! If there is a promo code - get an even cooler bonus.

Registration in Speed and Cash 1WIN is very simple and does not take much time


Getting a bonus

After making a deposit, you will receive a bonus, a repeated deposit within an hour will increase your bonus many times over!


First bet and first run in Speed and Cash

Start playing right now! Pleasure, adrenaline and excitement are waiting for you!

Reviews for the slot. Conclusions:

Only real reviews from Speed and Cash players. See why so many players around the world are fans of this new crash game

I love testing new casinos as they always offer good bonuses and other features to attract users. I love betting and slots, but it was in the game Speed and Cash that I found something more! Very fun and not hard. Lots of fun to play!



I like to make big bets in such games, but Speed and Cash seems to be a bit about something else. Won $100 by investing only 5! Spent just a couple of minutes on this. Everyone is happy!



I heard from friends that for the last month only this crash has been played. My attempt was more than successful. I played all evening and the volume of the game was a good win! I won a lot of money without risking too much money.


25x, 90x

It's hard to say why I liked this slot, apparently it combines drive, excitement and simple controls.

Nikolai Ignatovsky


Very cool product, I liked everything! The first round brought me minus $20. But then everything went wrong and you can choose a new phone! Patience and cold calculation decide!

Vladimir aka Jeeper


Play Speed and Cash on 1Win


Frequently asked questions about the game Speed n Cash. The rules of the game are extremely simple, however, beginners often have various questions about the rules of the game, we will try to answer most of them.

  • The goal of the game is to determine the moment when you should take your money. Until the moment when the car is delayed or leaves. You can take your winnings at low odds or risk and wait for a big win

  • The game works on all known devices, both on PC and on tablets and smartphones.

  • Check out the lists of the best, recommended casinos we have prepared and don't forget about the bonus. With our link you are guaranteed the maximum bonus.

  • You can watch the game without making a deposit.

  • Although the result of the game is unpredictable and absolutely random, there are still strategies and tactics that can be used to stay in the black with a greater probability.

  • The game is provably fair, you can not influence the outcome of the game!

Highlights of Speed and Cash slot

The game features great atmospheric graphics and sound, you are guaranteed fun and excitement!

Speed and cash

Speed and cash


speed cash 1win

speed cash 1win

1 win

speed and cash game

speed and cash game


speed n cash game

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1 win

speed n cash 1win

speed n cash game


download speed cash

download speed cash


speed n cash 1win

speed n cash 1win


speed n cash game

speed n cash 1win

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speed n cash 1 win

speed n cash 1 win


Play Speed and Cash on 1Win